Matzo Brei, just like Moses ate.

2012: The year Gluten Free Matzo was discovered. Yes, Yehuda finally started making a GF version and I could not be more glad. Just like when I was a kid, matzo with cream cheese and jelly makes the best after school snack. And once again I can enjoy this delightful treat. Gluten free matzo with vegan cream cheese: just like Moses ate before he parted the Red Sea.

I’ve had a frustrating week and as always, when I have decisions to make, am faced with sadness of any kind, or simply have a lot on my mind, breakfast is the first thing to go. It’s hard to force myself to eat in the morning if my stomach isn’t behaving (no matter how much I beg and plead it). This morning I awoke and had the brilliant idea of making gf matzo brei. If you haven’t had this before, you’re kind of missing out. Everyone has a different way of making matzo brei, but growing up ours always resembled a Passover French Toast. You can also make it like migas, scrambled, or omelette style too. I have missed it in the years since going gluten free. But now it’s time to try it and share it with the world. I’m publishing within 48 hours of actually making this, so there is still some time left of Passover to experiment with this recipe.

Working with GF matzo is indeed slightly different from making matzo brei with regular matzo. I stick with my mom (and grandma’s) version that is similar to french toast and the difference in cooking it is simply the timing. GF matzo seems to be gummier and chewier when left for too long. After a few attempts, here’s what we’ve got and it’s golden.

Gluten Free Matzo Brei (for one)
1 teaspoon butter (earth balance)
1 egg
1 piece of matzo
1-2 cups room temperature water
dash of salt
maple syrup or jam

Heat a 6-8 inch round non-stick sauté pan over medium heat. Melt the butter in the pan and coat the bottom completely.

Crumble the matzo into bits and pieces (none more than 1/2 inch) and place in a bowl. Cover the matzo with water. Let the matzo soak for JUST the amount of time it takes to beat the egg in a separate bowl. That should be no more than a minute. This is important! GF matzo gets soggy quicker.

When the egg has been beaten, drain the matzo. I use my hand to push the matzo back and let the water spill out; squeezing the excess out just ever so slightly. Add the egg to the matzo, add a pinch of salt, stir with a fork and pour mixture into the prepared pan.

Let cook over medium heat until barely firm enough to flip- about 2-4 minutes. Flip it over, and cook just enough to brown the bottom a bit, about 1-2 more minutes. Flip onto a plate, pour your chosen syrup or jam on top, and eat while hot. Breakfast to keep you going in 40 years of the desert. Too much?


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