Nicoise Salad

So I know this guy who volunteers at Green Gate Farm every Saturday. This week he asked me to make him potato salad for a party so I said, “sure if you bring me the potatoes.” So he did. A ton. And a few green beans for kicks. I made the potato salad (soon to be posted) and put aside a few extra potatoes. When I saw those beautiful new potatoes and lovely green beans straight from the ground I decided dinner should be something refreshing to really highlight those flavors. We so rarely get this treat that it would be a shame to do much to them and mask the earthy flavor of a freshly harvested potato.

I had a ton of lettuce and micro-greens left from Jo my salad pusher at the farmers’ market; I had the green beans and potatoes; I had parsley in the house and I went from there. I decided I needed, needed, Nicoise Salad. I was only missing the tuna. My potato supplier, also commonly known here as Mr G (aka Lieutenant Jackass), volunteered to pick up a slab of fish in exchange for eating the salad when it was ready (which is kind of awesome since he supplied the main ingredients anyway). So, a huge slab of yellowfin later I was ready to make the salad. Mr G seared the tuna and all I had to do was prep the rest. This is a super simple and tasty main course salad as long as all the ingredients are in season. I was lucky enough to have the beans and potatoes dug up that morning thanks to Mr G and the rest just fell into place. Perfect for a hot spring day.

Nicoise Salad
3 farm fresh eggs
6 baby new potatoes, cut in half or quarters
1 handful kalamata olives
15-20 green beans, cleaned and ends pinched off
tomatoes, quartered if you have them
Tuna (canned can do in a pinch)
mixed greens
micro-greens if you have them

Anchovy, Caper, Parsley Vinaigrette
2 T parsley, finely chopped
1-2 T capers
2 tsp anchovy paste or 2-3 anchovy fillets finely chopped
1 tsp dijon mustard
olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
salt and pepper to taste

Hard boil the eggs. I like them still soft in the yolk so I: put the eggs in the water, bring the water to a boil, turn the water off and cover; leave them in the pot for 10 minutes, strain and put them in cold water until ready to peel. Just a side note: the fresher the eggs the harder they will be to peel. I always use the last of a carton for boiling.

Cut potatoes in half or quarters depending on their size and boil until tender but not too soft. Add green beans for the last 1-2 minutes of boiling. Strain everything. When cool, cut the green beans into smaller chunks. And let sit.

Sear the tuna by putting a little salt and oil on both sides and putting it on medium-high heat in a skillet. Cook on both sides until just brown on the outside. While the tuna is cooking, add capers to the skillet and let them get a little crispy while you cook the tuna. While letting the tuna cool, make the vinaigrette.

Put all ingredients (except the oil), including the fried capers, in a small bowl and whisk. Pour extra virgin olive oil into bowl while whisking until you have the consistency you like for vinaigrette (a couple of tablespoons?). Let the dressing sit while you put together the salad and slice the tuna.

Parsley, anchovy, caper vinaigrette

Place all mixed greens and micro-greens in a large bowl. Place all of the ingredients on top of the lettuce. Slice the tuna and add that to the top as well. Pour dressing on, toss, add salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy.



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