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Chicken Soup in 3 Ways Part II: Caldo de Pollo

Yes, caldo de pollo is chicken soup. However, the first day we had it old school Jewish grandmother way and today we have it old school Mexican grandmother way. And I love it. Technically, you’d start the broth in the … Continue reading

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Sweet Cherry Pie

I stop the chicken soup in 3 days to bring you this sweet break: So… my good friend Tom is celebrating a birthday today and all week I’ve been thinking about what kind of pie to make. I decided to … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup 3 Ways: Part I

The next 3 posts will all start with this first basic broth/stock. Each day will build on the last. This is one of my favorite things to do. I shop once and cook once (season more than once) and I … Continue reading

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Best corn tortillas in Austin

I veer from my gluten-free recipe testing to bring you a review of the best corn tortillas in town. Yes. That’s what I said. The best corn tortillas in Austin (I’m open to suggestions) are at La Cocina de Consuela. … Continue reading

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Special Dressing II

Growing up we had 1 salad dressing that my mother would make if we asked or if it was a special occasion, it was called Special Dressing (maybe eventually I’ll also get to special noodles). It was a blended mix … Continue reading

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Roasted Cauliflower and Radicchio with a Fried Egg over Corn Pasta

Something came over me today and I needed to have radicchio (which I normally loathe). I wanted long cooked radicchio and maybe some crisped cauliflower. Turns out, it sounded good to a couple of friends too. So it’s gone from, … Continue reading

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Quinoa, bean, and winter vegetable soup

I love soup. I could eat it twice a day for weeks on end. Hot, cold, pureed, sauteed, or chunky. My mother always says that I would eat anything if it was in soup form as a child, and it’s … Continue reading

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