City Guide’s Gluten-Free Friendly Options from Enfield to Brentwood

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If you’re out and about during SXSW and you want to avoid the chaos of Downtown and even East Austin these days (gone are the days when East was the quiet refuge to west of I-35), head west to the Enfield/Clarksville and continue heading north up to Crestview/Brentwood. With ample coffee shops and eateries, these areas have plenty of good gluten-free-friendly spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bound to be less packed than Downtown there are still some great music venues and outside haunts and you’ll still be satisfied with your gluten-free options while roaming the streets of Austin.

As with the other City Guide posts, this list is not exhaustive, but rather my picks for a delicious meal that you AND your non-GF friends will enjoy.


Galaxy Cafe
Gluten Free: Officially
Galaxy Cafe is located in both Clarkesville and at the Triangle (and south) and they offer a gluten free menu. They have plenty of naturally gluten-free options and they also carry the breads for sandwiches and rice tortillas for wraps. I love their veggie burger (how often do we get veggie burgers?!) and sweet potato fries.

Gluten Free: Unoficially
Bright and clean, this North Lamar spot has some seriously innovative Japanese dishes with Vietnamese influences wrapped together in a beautiful package. Uchiko had surprising gluten in several dishes I would not have guessed. But the staff was all very knowledgeable on what I could and could not eat without making any odd substitutions which would compromise any flavor or creativity.

Taco Deli
Gluten Free: Officially
In the same block as Uchiko, Taco Deli has a storefront for eating in or taking away. They now have a gluten free menu which is great because it’s all my old favorites but highlighted. Their meats are locally purchased, and you can also grab a taco from any of the SFC Farmers’ Markets in town.

Steeping Room
Gluten Free: Officially
The Steeping Room’s second location just opened on North Lamar and I could not be more thrilled. They have several natural gluten-free items (spring rolls are my favorite) and they also make a ton of gluten free pastries. Get the ginger scone if they have it when you’re there.

Cocina de Consuelo
Gluten Free: Unofficially
My favorite sit-down breakfast taco joint in town, Consuelo’s has some of the best corn tortillas in town. They do not brush them with flour, but also don’t mark what is or isn’t gluten free.

Olive and June
Gluten Free: Unofficially
If you want an upscale dining experience on the west side of town, this is a great option where the waitstaff knows what is and isn’t gluten free. There are plenty of options for you and your gluten-full friends. Might I recommend the fried sunchokes when they’re in season?

Kerbey Lane
Gluten Free: Officially
The original Kerbey Lane is in the Rosedale area and in my humble opinion, is the best of the locations. Bring your out of town visitors to this Austin landmark. They have a gluten-free menu, but as with all of the “official”, there’s no guarantee it’s 100% gluten-safe.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Gluten Free: Unofficially
I do enjoy a good burger and Hopdoddy offers a great grass-fed patty and they make their own gluten-free buns. I keep it simple there. You should too.

Stiles Switch
Gluten Free: Unofficially
If you’re in town and you’re BBQ, head to Stiles Switch. Pork ribs are tasty but I’ve had on and off days with the brisket.

Black Star Coop
Gluten Free: Unofficially
There are a ton of naturally gluten-free options at this beer cooperative. They also serve tasty cider options and now they brew their own gluten-free beer as well. The fries are not to be missed.

Gluten Free: Unofficially
If there’s Vietnamese food around, you’re bound to get gluten-free lucky. There are tons of picks further north, but right on Anderson Lane sits a bright lunch spot with plenty of choices for the gluten-less amongst us.

Be sure to check out gluten-free delights in all the other parts of the city here, including my East Austin post:
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Between us, we have the city covered for you!


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  1. Malita says:

    Good list! Zocalo is another fave, run by same people that run Galaxie, just across the street, but more flavorful in my opinion.

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  5. mividaprimal says:

    Reblogged this on mividaprimal and commented:
    I love blogging and I love finding cool people in my own city who are writing about the same stuff I am!! Life is such an adventure!!

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