And then it got personal…

Warning, there is no food in this random post. If you don’t feel like reading, I’m okay with that. Skip on…

I spent the last week with family in California. It was a wonderful trip and I had more family time than I remember having in a long time (it all started with grandma saying she wanted ALL of her family together for a vacation). I even got to see some of my favorite girlfriends whom I grew up with. Oh the things I’ve learned. Thought about. Discovered? I got to chatting with my ladies and we talked inevitably about boys (and husbands and babies and more) and some about the boys we loved in high school.

The truth is, the reason food sounded so awful just some weeks ago (boy did I make up for it with the food at my parents’), is because my heart got a wee bit smooshed. Yep, out of the blue. I shan’t go into too many details, although I can safely say Mr. UPS is most likely NOT reading this blog, but as this is a FOOD blog, not a boy woes blog, I’m sticking to a point. I think. Let’s just say Mr. UPS was a really nice guy, we clicked, and then he freaked. Or something, actually I don’t know what and alas, I never will. Maybe it was my 3 (8?) grey hairs or that I wondered aloud if he was like an obnoxious frat boy. Maybe it was a bumper sticker he read (just saying how it could be ANYTHING) or perhaps it was that the strawberry cupcakes weren’t sweet enough. Yes people, I still choose to believe he was nice and meant the nice things he said (I try to think that anyway). I think. Yes, I realize he handled things incredibly poorly and may be a giant uncaring jerk now, but who knows what happened? Immature? Okay. Non-communicative? Perhaps. But I digress of course.

No one had so out of the blue made me feel that way since junior year in high school when young David broke my heart. It was AWFUL. I remember falling apart in the house. My dad picked me up and said, “boys are lame aren’t they? It’s all about luck and timing.” I lost my appetite for what felt like months. Granted, it was more like one month before he realized his fatal error and came back. That’s a different story. These were short lived relationships, but sure felt crummy non-the-less. Not having answers sucks, even if you know that it’s better this way. Right?

Last night I watched “He’s Just Not That Into You”. However, this is not a film critique- I would have much to say about it- but there was one line where I think I actually learned something. Because other than that, it so had nothing to do with anything remotely near my reality- thank goodness because those were some seriously ass-ey guys and ridiculous chics. Anyway, they talk about the exception and the rule and this one chic starts exclaiming that she’s finally the exception. The dude says in response, “you’re the exception FOR ME”. Yes, folks that’s it. That’s the line I remember from the movie. For whatever reason, all the other guys and girls were perfectly lame and attractive, but no one else clicked like these 2 or those 2 or what have you. So that’s what I took away: it’s not that 1 person is MORE special than another to make a guy or girl stop sleeping around, stop looking at other people, have only eyes for the other, treat them nicely… It’s that for some reason 1 person is that person to someone else. Sure, I haven’t dissected the WHY yet, but still.

I just needed to get that off my chest. Perhaps less than 3 people will read this week, perhaps oh so many more. I have many other random things in my queue of posts to be published. Just wait. It’s too hot to cook. I’m in story mode. That’s enough about boys though. For today.


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3 Responses to And then it got personal…

  1. Ralph Saltsman says:

    And some boys never do grow out of their lameness. Some? Most? But not all…

  2. Denise says:

    I loved this post! Keep them coming. 🙂

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