Quest for the Best GF Burger…

I used to go steady with a boy that made the very best barbeque in town. Oh man could that boy grill. Sometimes I think we should be friends just so I can come to his bbq’s (is that wrong?), but recently I called him Lieutenant Jackass so that may not happen soon. The first time he ever made me a burger I felt that I had never tasted a burger so good. Suddenly all prior burgers tasted like dust (sorry Grandpa). This very same boy claimed that the burgers at the new”ish” Black Star Beer Coop had a delightful burger. So if he says so, I am inclined to believe.

I should preface this by saying, I do like Black Star a lot. I LOVE the cider (crispen, the one with the burgundy label, try it) and I like the idea, the mission, and the menu in general. They procure some local meats, some local cheeses and I generally like the vibe in there (especially when it’s crowded so you can’t see how new and kind of sterile the decor is). So I went in with high hopes when I heard they had a GF bun. I haven’t had a burger in well over a year now.

Sadly, the bun was still cold and not quite defrosted. I could’ve sent it back, but I was too excited. I ordered medium-rare and it was more like medium-well. The point of writing reviews here though, is to remind myself and you GF’ers out there, where we can and cannot eat. And I must say, this awful bun ruined it for me. The fries are definitely worth a trip on there own, but I have to say: Black Star, I will not be eating your burgers again. Ugh.

If you have recommendations, please share. I continue my hunt for a delightful GF burger in Austin…


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4 Responses to Quest for the Best GF Burger…

  1. Sheba Kumbhani says:

    hehe “Lieutenant Jackass”. I love it.

  2. Ralphie says:

    So he finally got his commission? I remember when it was just sergeant.

  3. PFC Jackass says:

    It’s actually Private Jackass now. Got court-martialed for too many confrontations with my superiors.

  4. Try Hopdoddy. I love their burgers and occasionally they have gluten-free buns. They run out sometimes so call ahead. And make sure you ask about CC. I know they were having problems about it at first but apparently that issue has been taken care of. I normally ask for without bun because that is my preference. But, seriously…their burgers rock! Also Mighty Fine (no bun), Terra burger offers a bun but it is rock solid but the burgers are ok, P Terry’s burgers are GF (minus bun).

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